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Breastfeeding and Reading

As most breastfeeding moms know, especially when you’re putting your child to bed, it can take a helluva lot of time. I have no experience with¬†bottlefeeding, therefore I don’t know how much time putting babies to sleep takes then. Sometimes it can be excruciatingly long where my little one is suckling, and my overactive mind wants to do a million other things. Glorious ideas spin through my mind, motivation comes up, and I just need to release it all in order to be calm enough to get the milk a’flowing.

Many women turn to brexting, spending time on your mobile phone while breastfeeding. Since my baby just wanted to touch and play with my phone all the time, books were a great alternative. He’s taken to grabbing them too though sometimes, flickering through the pages and sometimes giving them little kisses. He loves books, just as his parents do.

While I’m satisfying my boobaholic’s thirst for that milky white, I get my reading groove on. Of course, I miss sometimes a few candlelit moments of gazing into his beautiful eyes. But I find as I’m breastfeeding a toddler I’m getting enough intimacy and closeness with him already. And you can hardly expect to look into his eyes all the time right? The countless hours I spent putting my active and sleep-rejecting son to bed, sitting next to him while he soothes himself to sleep on my breast, I feel are doubly useful spent while reading. While he drifts off to sleep, I follow suit into fantasy worlds, where I explore works of great fiction and gain insight and wisdom during those hours.

If you want to know what I’m reading, check my Goodreads account. Currently working on the glorious comic Monstress, and waiting for Saga the hardcover part two to come out next week!

Anthropologist, Mother, Yogi, Chocolate addict and writer

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