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Can you feel the world shifting?

A new hope

To be honest, although I hate sentences that start like this, I feel sorry for Donald Trump.

Could you imagine being this puffed up toad, with this tiny young ego-bruised boy inside? This boy who dreamt of being chosen as President of the United States since he couldn’t receive enough love, admiration, and respect from his father, mother, nor the women in his life or his children? And then, when his dream comes true and he is there being inaugurated, there is a march against him which draws hundreds of thousands more people. How does that feel? It must make him so furious and render him helpless. What suffering must it be to be him right now?

From my personal experience, men like Donald Trump are extremely weak. They seem strong, they bloat up their ego, but within they are nothing but frightened angry little boys. How can this privileged business owner, deal with the amount of abuse he is now receiving? He cannot. That is why he’s using Twitter so much.

I predict this man is going to have a catastrophic mental breakdown if he isn’t having this already.


We are humanity’s future and are taking over the torch from the older generations. We are rising against the forces that be, building bridges instead of walls. We will not submit to the forces of all these neoliberal cons.

As long as we stay in the clear, avoid nuclear war, and connect to one and other, we can beat this. We can raise our children to be wise, gentle and kind feminists and treehuggers, lovers of our father and mother Earth, Sun and Moon. We can join together to mend our broken hearts and wounds, and stop judging ourselves. Stop blaming ourselves for the economic downfall or fact we are not following the outline other generations would like us to follow. We are our own people, we have to radicalize our peace and love again. The sixties and seventies are not mired in the past, the ideals and resistance have to become alive again right now again.

We have to fight, with love. We have to resist, with peace. We have to unite, in wisdom.

Like Amanda Palmer said, we’re in for a hell of a punk rock rebellion!


My vision for the future is one of utopia. We will bask in leisure, focus on art, science, and well-being. Robots and AI will take over all work that we do not like or enjoy. Our own intelligence will be augmented via AI. Virtual reality will be within our very bodies and nervous system if we will it so. We need a strong framework of privacy and ethical laws to deal with these rising forces of technology. We must not lose sight of the splendidness of our future. Please, do not forget we could well be headed into a new age of unparalleled abundance. We have to deal with the environment and with all the processes we have set into action. If we fail to change course, yes we could be headed into climate disaster and a burnt up land.

But neoliberal capitalism must die in its current shape, our preoccupation with consumption rather than creation and living with awareness will and must melt away. The world as we know it, will shift. And in the final throes of a dying beast, men like Trump form its head. No matter how hard he Twitters, his time is done for. That’s why I feel sorry for him.

If all of the societies on earth today is one singular person’s psychology, this mind is dominated by patterns that are self-defeating and harmful. But working with my own mind for many years already, I have come to discover that these patterns cannot stay into place. Either the entire system breaks down, or moments of peace must spiral into wisdom, the growth of awareness, and ultimately well-being.

Pain and suffering can keep a mind in a locked down state, but this is not the state we are born in. Our natural state is to be open, to be soft and receptive to our emotions and feelings. It is only through the act of raising a child, being with it and explaining to it, that judgments come into play. The beautiful needs of every human child are not picked up and become thwarted.

According to Marshall Rosenberg, founder of non-violent communication, every action or word is either a ‘thank you’ or a need articulated. If we find out what those needs are, and deal with those, we could live in a very peaceful world. A world in which understanding and respect would thrive. We wouldn’t need to pursue material success, riches, or external status to receive the respect and love we all so need. Those are all strategies to meet a need, but usually, people are not aware of what needs they are pursuing, so they hold onto the strategy.

Currently, in our political world, there is a strong lack of wisdom, of people who are authentic and have the power to align their minds with their bodies and speak from a place of wisdom.  The forces they feed upon are fear and suffering.

I don’t believe it is going to be possible for much longer to build upon those weak forces. Within my own mind, I have discovered that peace and love are much stronger than any kind of anger, fear or resentment. And understanding myself is the foundation of that.

We need to seek to understand one and other in our world today. We need to acknowledge the needs of our fellow humans, try to discover them and wish for them to be fulfilled. It is not our obligation or duty to fulfill them, just taking note of them can already shift worlds.

This starts with our children. Just noting their desires, their wishes, without taking the complete responsibility for them, soothes them. “My son, I know you want to play with the iPad now, but I’m concerned for your well-being and would rather you do something else. Would you like to play with these bicycle lights, so you can feel how powerful you are, even though you’re just so small? Commanding the power of light?”

To me, again, honestly, I can feel as if the hard work that has been done by us, but all peace bringers and light bearers before us, is starting to pay off. We finally have got an adversary. We needed this revival of extreme-right to get out of our closets, stop biting our tongues and start mending the wounds of our broken societies. Let’s make this world a better place, start in your home and with your beloved ones. By trying to understand them, and recognizing them in their struggle to meet their needs. By hearing their ‘Thank you’s or ‘Please’ in their actions and words. And connect to others, start valuing your own thoughts and your own mind. Listen to yourself and discover what your inner voice is telling you. We have so much wisdom and knowledge inside of ourselves, we often do not trust it. Research your own mindset, what we call in yoga pratyahara and in this way free yourself from ideology!


Anthropologist, Mother, Yogi, Chocolate addict and writer

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