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Let’s open up a portal- The new story for the left

To a dimension where people are kind and generous, empathic and openhearted. Where life on earth is peaceful and sane. An earth where all the terrible negative Industrial Revolution can be undone. We may finally find the Kingdom of God promised to us there.

When our family woke up this morning and heard the bad news, I shed several tears. But yet we must keep hope. Even though the United States democracy has chosen someone the Nazi’s also back up, I can’t just throw my towel in the ring and let the battle be won.

Actually I’ve been asked to go as a delegate the European Green Party conference in Glasgow for the Greens in the Netherlands, and I will do so in the beginning of December. I will attend this conference and try to make sense of what we can do as Europeans to unite for a positive new story of left, of connection, of hope and of health for everyone, regardless of their color, ethnicity or race.

Also for Next Generasian News I’m writing a story on my idea of utopia. It will be in the new edition for 2017.

We need to have a story of the future and envision what we want, rather than just following the right.

For further reading, a great article in Dutch 

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