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PAST // FUTURE – Rocking my socks in 2018

In 2017 I stepped up my parenting game, finally transcended limiting beliefs and dogmas about how to care for Jet and started listening to my own intuition more and more. This included seeking the help of a baby sleep coach. And letting go once more of her advice and finally finding a way of sleeping that is personalized and perfect for our situation and temperaments.

I was enrolled in therapy the whole year of 2017 and it brought me much insight into painful patterns and layers of ancient hurt that were the roots of my triggers. I feel I was able to excavate some of the terrible psychic energy stored in my body and mind, and through my yoga practice and bodily awareness I was able to send and transform these dark crystals into light of wakefulness. My habits changed literally, through stopping to think and consider my deeper feelings and needs in situations.

I’m not perfect, and doubt I’ll ever be, but I am finding the rhythm of life within my body and emotional states. I am learning to flow with that, and heed my monthly cycles, and dance with them the dance of Yin and Yang, the masculine and the feminine, the light and the dark. They feel like two sides of myself, where I before struggled to be light and hide the dark and ugly, I’m happily stepping into embracing both and I love caring for the rejected, the shunned and the abandoned dark child within me, the Dark Goddess living in the Underworld. She’s respected now, her cold serpentine energy rises up like rage and wroth and I allow her, I allow it, as she is part of me and part of the repressed Divine Feminine.

I’m not ashamed anymore of my scars, I’m grateful for the years that have brought me these lines and marks of wisdom. They are radiating golden light by each step I take towards the divine, as the Divine steps towards me with a thousand fluttery footsteps and embraces me. In my 33rd year of life (In the Chinese count you are one year older than you are), I’m ready to start living fully and completely. My snake’s skin is falling off and revealing my new being. Again, and again, and again. The divine blesses us all to do so.

For 2018 I’m ready to continue shedding and releasing, letting go of all that isn’t the highest destiny that I’ve discovered within my shells. The oyster I’m ready to offer up to the world and shine with opalescent splendor. In my home, for my friends, for the nearest and dearest, but also for my yoga students, the visitors for my events, the readers of my writings, the clients I massage, the strangers I smile to in the grocery cue. I have received so many blessings on my path so far, and want to share them and make more and more of an impact. I’m grateful I will be working with the @Bewustzijns School in 2018 to do video editing for them, expanding consciousness in the online world. My business is firing up, and I’m accelerating as well as slowing down in cyclical fashion.

I pray that the Force be with me this year, the darkness and the light, and that I may consume and transform all through blessings from the Divine.

Books I enjoyed most of all:
Homo Sapiens
Mating in Captivity
Inane Myth of
The Idle Parent
The Art of Asking

What have you left behind in 2017? What will you take upon yourself to create and manifest in this rockingly good year of 2018? And what books or titbits of knowledge are you bringing with you to keep you rockstead easy in this year?

Anthropologist, Mother, Yogi, Chocolate addict and writer

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