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Purple Jupyter Storm

Your purple sand still in my pockets
The tiniest grains of sand
Never washing these blue jeans again

Exquisite pain shooting through my veins
Bitter tears cried again and again

Suffering sweetness, hold me, I beg, comfort me like on a mother’s lap
Earth’s mother holding me, while she sways across the galactic arms in spirals
Granting me the wish to see
With eyes of blessing, eyes of Oneness

I reach, I reach,
Fingertips grasping, scraping the cold clear metal
My hands can find no place to hold into
Feet unsteady, my toe twinges..
And so I fall

Into the depths, the murky waters
Streaming waterfalls push me under
The same old tale, old as aeons
Of mind’s many illusions

It’s the place the Ayahuasca brought me
Separated from Source
The crash after dopamine
The low after the high
Lost in the valley

To break it, I had to revere Maestro Tobacco
While its smoky wisps drifted upwards
What shattered remains of my heart
Reformulated into being

Seven years
All the cells in my body have regenerated
Not one is the same since I last came here

I cannot do life lightly
I’m swinging it like an amateur
Born to love —I will always do.

Amare Amaterasu
The Sun hides in her cave
While the little one flaunts her stuff
Giggling and laughing, the party is wild
The stalagmites drip lonesomely
Let me play too?

These strange layers of complexity
Is it what kills us or what will always be
Held back by some many wires
Never the unburdened wild sparks we once were

The tears streaming down like mad storms
Lightning strikes and I praise the Lord
Alone in this rundown shed
Would you hold me and warm my bed?

Your garden is like a secret refuge
Of mystery,
One of the places my mind will always be
Out on the rocks while the sea beats the shore
I can’t let go of these images
Will they let go of me?

Moments of paradise
Brightness amidst the mottled clouds
A ray of light to wake me from my slumber

Moving mountains and burning bridges
This passion is a fire hazard
Highly inflammable cities amongst the places we call home
A home away from home
Your home my heart
Shatter our future with your rigidity

Just let go
The fingers relaxing
My back turning
Now it is time to put on your waterworks

Push and pull on my heartstrings
Like the ebb and flow of the ocean
You could glorify it like that
All I know it is exquisite torture
I want to surf your waves

Wild wolf spirit
A bald spot like an eagle’s
And I commune with you
Smoke spirits
Howl to the moon

What does the wind want?
To blow, to howl, to carry me to you

Moon full
Mountains dark like white snowcapped
Where is your ancestor? Bearing fur

Bizarrophilia — the love of the bizarre esoteric magnificence

Unique artist soul
Sold in ounces, pounds and by the dozen

Do I remember this? What is it I hear
I read
I’m in deja Vu
A winding road, round and crowning
The top of your face

The moon speaks to me
In silvery tongues
Licking their way around
My throat to my hands
Basking in the cup of my
Fingertoes all a’ running

Never tell me about
How heaven matches hell
And all the light that permeates us

Anthropologist, Mother, Yogi, Chocolate addict and writer

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