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The unstoried self

We all have two sides: one conscious and one unconscious. Great thinkers such as Freud and Jung have declared this as well. As the experiments done in this YouTube video provide a glimpse that they definitely were onto something. This other unstoried self exists inside our own bodies, literally, that there is another person living there, whom we are not conscious of.

Did you ever discover this part of yourself? Do you experience conflict within? It might be that one part of you wants to, but the other part simply has very different ideas about this.

Could this be the id, ego and Super-ego that Freud talk about? Your silent self being the id?

I do resist the view that we are our stories. We tell stories to try to find ourselves, but there is definitely a part of ourselves that we are not able to grasp by rationality. I truly enjoy watching the above experiments, as it provides evidence that in our brains there are even two distinct personalities living. Following Gestalt we might even have a plethora of identities living within ourselves, which are fun to play around with using improvisational theater, BDSM or therapy.

Children play all the time with different personas, trying on different themes and in their world of make-belief they can heal through play. Play for adults is important too, as a means to integrate all those different parts in ourselves. Children are forming their identities through play, truly making themselves. Adults can shape the world around them and work through more serious forms of play. In my ideal world we would never have to stop playing, we would not have to suppress our silent unstoried self, and explore and discover this connection that is so intimate, yet so rife with conflict. Could you envision a world of inner harmony? Where we can play and heal as our main life objective. And the discovery of our inner worlds can take place, again and more and more.

If we really meet our inner silent self, maybe we would never have to be lonely again. Maybe this is the higher self that you can find in meditation and yoga. A funny idea right?

If you like to read some more explorations on the topic of narrative versus non-narrative selves, follow this link on Aeon.

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