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Tips for slow parents 1: Yerba Mate

Are you feeling tired? Parenthood involves levels of fatigue that were previously unknown but even borders on the mythical. Every single last one of us could use an extra bit of energy.

Passed down to me by my dearest and lovely Japanese Argentinan Thai cosmopolitan sister mom Satoko: yerba mate. This glorious and slightly bitter drink gives you energy beyond your usual cup of tea but doesn’t come with the hard break and crash that your cuppa joe does. Also, mate contains over 25 different vitamins and minerals and boosts the immune system.

Yerba Mate has the slow and controlled upward flow of energy, and then lets you taste the ecstasy of chocolate to boost! For me as a definite chocolate addict, I’m all up for that samadhic headbuzz.Yerba Mate Plant

Therefore, head down to your favorite outlet and just buy the leaves. In the Netherlands they are simply labeled as mate. Although they’re called tea, they’re a whole different plant altogether than the tea plant.

Traditional Way of Drinking Yerba Mate
The original way to drink it is through a kalebas with a straw, but you can easily just put it in a tea strainer and regular glass. My yerba mate gurus range from one of my best friends from University, a Latin America obsessed gay friend with whom I dressed up like a chola and made wild pictures like this.

286690_10150261303785528_1559152_oHe also introduced me to condensed milk, which we drank together straight from the metal sitting outside in the sun, while we talked about his favorite art house films where this was a scene we were enacting. He borrowed me his kalebas, which I can’t for the life of me find back. I’m afraid I must have decluttered a bit too much.

My latest initiator, my mommy sister friend, drank it straight out of a thermos, so it stays nice and heated throughout the day. Why doesn’t every mom carry a thermos of mate? Brilliant! Like my other mommy friend said: “Hobbies? I like to be able to drink my coffee hot about once a week.”

So now: hot mate, all day long.

Wishing you rest and well ease my fellow slow parenting compatriots! I’m off to take care of Jet, as he just woke up and has a sniffling cold.

Anthropologist, Mother, Yogi, Chocolate addict and writer

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